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‘Memories of Steel' ~ Bobby Estes & Billy Cooper  #BC-MS $14.50

‘Christmas Steel Guitar' ~ Billy Cooper  #BC-CSG $14.50
 ‘Those Were The Days’ ~ Billy Cooper  #BC-TD $14.50
soundsofsteel  'Sounds of Steel' ~ Billy Cooper  #BC-SS $14.50
 'Billy Cooper ~ Steel Guitar'  #BC-SG $14.50
 'Gospel Steel Guitar' ~ Billy Cooper  #BC-GS $14.50

 'Steel Together' ~ Buddy Charleton & Billy Cooper  #BB-ST $15.50

BC-BC-Gospel  'Steel Away' ~ Buddy Charleton & Billy Cooper  #BB-SA. $15.50
 ‘Gospel Pedal Steel’ ~ Doug Jernigan  #DJ-GPS $14.50


DVD by Doug Jernigan

Reissue from a gospel recording made in 1996

Excellent quality sound and picture!

Watch and hear Doug play his favorite gospel songs* on this excellent video. You will delight in his fresh, enthusiastic rendition of these diverse hymns played to the rhythm track from his first gospel recording.

  • When We All Get To Heaven

  • What A Friend

  • I’ll Fly Away

  • Sweet, Sweet Spirit

  • Lily of the Valley

  • In The Garden

  • Power In The Blood

*These songs are also available along with three additional tracks on the "Gospel Pedal Steel" CD. See below.

#DJ-FT $24.50







‘Favorite Things I Like To Play’ ~ Doug Jernigan



Rhythm Tracks on CD available for all the above recordings --  
 $9.00 for each rhythm CD

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