'Steel Away' ~ Buddy Charleton & Billy Cooper

“These beautiful gospel songs are some of Mrs. Moon’s and my favorites. Billy and Buddy have joined steels and played them prettier than I have ever heard them. Just listen!”
  ~Ralph Mooney

Click song title to begin play. Stop any other songs that are currently playing before you continue.


Ten sacred hymns executed flawlessly by Buddy & Billy on the pedal steel. These timeless songs are played with the sensitivity and skill befitting their unique message. You will hear great harmonizing and distinctive arrangements that enhance these old favorites.

#BB-SA. $15.50


‘Gospel Pedal Steel’ ~ Doug Jernigan

Recorded in 1983, this beautiful gospel album truly showcases Doug’s mastery of the pedal steel guitar. These are traditional gospel songs and hymns that glorify Jesus Christ. A mixture of upbeat, happy tunes and quiet, meditative songs. Sorry, no instruction offered for this recording.

#DJ-GPS $14.50


Rhythm Tracks on CD available for all the above recordings --  
 $9.00 for each rhythm CD

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