We offer the finest quality in pedal steel guitar strings. Buy them by the set or individually by gauge. If you require a tuning that you do not see here, let us know. We will be happy to put together a custom set for you

Click string package picture below for gauge specs.

George L strings are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Nothing but the best is used in raw materials and packaging to ensure quality and freshness. These are of the highest quality stainless steel which will consistently give you a bright, clear tone. Available in sets or single gauges.

 E9 Chromatic, 10 string, Nashville            #E9GLN.....$7.80
C6 10 string, Nashville                              #C6GLN....$9.75
E9 Chromatic, 10 str, Tension Balanced   #E9GLT...$7.80
C6 10 string, Tension Balanced                #C6GLT....$9.75


Our best selling nickel wound string. The Buddy Emmons Signature Series. Plain strings are ‘stress tested’ and specifically designed for less breakage on pedal steel. Wound strings are Power Wound electric. Nickel strings are a bit warmer than stainless

10 string E9     #E9SIT.....$7.80
10 string C6     #C6SIT.....$9.75

10 string E9, ShoBud gauges     #E9SHO.....$7.80
12 string, Universal Tuning     #ST12.....$11.50

   E9GHS E9 Pedal Guitar Boomers     #E9-GHS.....$9.95
   C6GHS C6 Pedal Guitar Boomers     #C6-GHS.....$11.50

Semi-flat pure nickel roller-wound strings. Very smooth sliding strings. Round wire is slightly flattened in the winding process to provide a flatter surface. Strings have bright tone but not as bright as roundwound strings.

10 string E9     #PF500.....$11.99
10 string C6     #PF550.....$19.50


Single strings are available in either George L or S.I.T. brand. The George L wound singles are stainless steel and the S.I.T. wound singles are nickel. All plain strings, regardless of brand, will be stainless. Please indicate preferences when you order. Feel free to call or email if you are not sure.

.008P TO .015P--65¢ EA.
.016P TO .024P--70¢ EA.
.018W TO .034W--$1.25
.036W TO .044W--$1.75
.046W TO .052W--$2.00
.054W TO .058W--$2.15
.060W TO .064W--$3.25
.066W TO .079W--$4.50